Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Do Athletes Use It?

They say in 5 years the National Football League (NFL) will look at how many Kettle Bell swings the player can do instead of how many Bench presses he can do.

This is because the Kettle Bell Swing is one of the most efficient workouts an athlete can do, because of the fact that it is not working just one muscle group, it is working basically your whole body.

On TV's 60Min's, they highlighted LT Tomlinson, of the San Diego Chargers, the best running back in the NFL . If he stays healthy, he will surpass Walter Patton's records. The Program showed part on one of his training sessions with his trainer(pushing the hell out of him). What we saw as mostly everything functional training, including swings using Kettlebells! Now I not that naive to think that just because LT uses kettlebells in his training, that every football team or player will start using kettlebells, but you never know.

The one thing that I can tell you is that if LT uses them to get in shape, then they can not be a bad thing.


  1. Thats an interesting fact about how the NFL is gonna be looking at how many kettle bell tosses guys are going to be doing.. its a phenomenon now.

  2. Wow! Kettle Bell training is really taking off. Glad you keep us updated.