Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is a very tough exercise. This is how you do it.

1. Lie on the floor, in a supine position (i.e. face up), next to an appropriate size kettlebell.

2. Use both hands to press the kettlebell vertical – directly above your shoulder. Once in position, keep your elbow locked, wrist straight, and your eyes on the kettlebell.

3. Post your foot close to your buttocks (same side as your working arm.)

4. Allow the weight to drift slightly forward, then push off your posted foot and sit up. It is acceptable to allow your free arm to assist slightly in sitting up.

5. From sitting, slowly move to the kneeling position. This can be done a number of ways. The main thing is to move slowly, keeping your working arm perpendicular to the ground and to finish in well supported, 3-point kneeling position.

6. Slowly straighten your torso, then stand straight up.

7. Now that the fist half of the TGU is over, simply reverse the steps until you have reached your starting point.

If you can do this exercise then you have the ability to do many more exercises with the kettlebell.

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