Friday, March 20, 2009

The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell two arm swing is the foundation of kettlebell training.

Benefits of the swing

• Develops explosive power and strength in the legs

• Improves lower back endurance and strength

• Improves core endurance and strength

• High reps improve cardio fitness and lactate tolerance

• High rep swings are an effective fat burning exercise.
The kettlebell swing works almost every part of you body as the lift is in progress. To begen, set the kettlebell in front of you and move your hips back just as you would sit in a chair. Swing the kettlebell in between your legs the swing up to eye level. The most important aspect of the lift is the hip thrust. As you bring the kettlebell up to your eyes, you are not using your back or your arms to help the kettlebell up, all you should be using is your hips.
Think of you arms as ropes and all they are doing is hanging on to the kettle bell as your hips thrust the bell up to the eyes.
When you hip thrust your whole core of your body needs to be flexed and tight. This will give you more explosion in the lift and in the sport or activity that you doing.
When the bell comes down from the eyes, you want to be in the exact same position as when you started the lift. Then do the exercise until tired.


  1. where do find kettlebell's?

  2. BC: Tried googling for it? Where do you live? seem popular but for instance I live in Sweden and over here got nice prices. Feel free to ask me for help googling some,